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The Tarotista has a modern approach to the art of Psychic Tarot Readings. Karen has a direct and compassionate approach with her Psychic Empathic skills and connection to Divine Spirit, she is able to guide you through life' challenges and lessons. Karen has over thirty years experience of Tarot, You are offered authentic, honest  readings  without judgement,. Karen's Readings are designed to empower you on your life path. Readings come from the heart working for your highest good at all times with the Divine. 

Karen is a member of the Tarot Association of the British Isles and operates under strict standards and ethics.  You can be assured of a professional and strictly confidential reading.  Karen also enjoys doing Psychometry  and chanelling Messages from Spirit. As a Certified Reiki Master Karen offers Distance Reiki Healing for people and animals to re-energise ,speed up healing and clear energy blocks. 

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I offer a wide variety of readings and services to meet the requirements of my UK and overseas clientele. Psychic Tarot Readings are available in person, via Telephone, Messenger, Skype, Text or Email. 

As a Psychic Empath i work with my Spirit Guides, Psychic Insight and i can read your energy so remote readings with myself can be just as accurate and detailed. I can give you honest direct insight on life, love, career, relationships, family, divorce, love triangles and much more. All information is confidential and without judgement. I work with my Guides for your highest good at all times. Many clients return to give me updates and i consider it it privilege to guide you on your path. 

I also offer personal intuitive coaching for those seeking spiritual development and life empowerment. 

As a Reiki Master i am able to offer Distance Reiki Energy healing for yourself or a pet in need. 



Mrs S Collins

I have had two spiritual development sessions with Karen and i learnt a  lot of essential information. She explained to me what was happening to me spiritually, and she helped empower me to use my gifts as a career and to help others.  Thanks to Karen i have now started my own Psychic business and had some clients already. Karen is the person to go to if you are seeking spiritual guidance or development. Karen is genuine, gifted and cares about her clients. I will definitely be back for more development and readings in 2019. Thanks for all your guidance Karen. I highly recommend booking a development session.  

Ms K Taylor

I have had several Tarot Readings with Karen, i really needed some answers to what i had been feeling for over a year for a potential Twin Flame. Her reading was spot on,it  totally resonated with me, and confirmed so much of what my Angels had been trying to convey.  Karen is amazing i will be getting future readings  with her soon. Shes incredibly accurate and everything shes does resonates with me. Simply incredible soul. !  

Miss J Brown

 If I could come hug Karen I’d be there in a heartbeat. Not only did she give me a detailed reading she has also been on hand to offer reiki to my poorly dog. An absolute diamond of a person who is way ahead of her counterparts. 

Miss P Cooke

I really enjoyed my telephone reading with Karen. Id had previous readings by email  but it was nice to speak to her. The Reading was really in depth and not at all rushed. She gave me lots of detail and insight. I would 100% recommend her. 

Mr J Smith

Amazing tarot readings as usual, very insightful and always puts my mind at ease. Very detailed Karen is my number 1 for psychic readings bournemouth

Ms S Allison

Thank you Karen for an accurate reading as always. Its amazing the things she knows. Will be back for more readings. Highly recommend. 

Card of the day

Card of the Day

17 January 2019

Knight of Swords
This card brings a forceful energy , you are ready to cut to the truth and full of get up and go. It’s important to use your energy in a positive way to look at and analyse a situation or connection. You may be feeling impatient but this is not the time to rush into making decisions. You need to take your time and think everything through carefully. Patience and planning is needed to examine all your options. You may also need to speak up, even if you worry about upsetting people , speak your truth . Love and light  


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